But normally there would be some indication on your payslip that a reduction in gross pay has taken place as part of a 'salary exchange' arrangement. If you don't understand the pension figure on your payslip, it's worth asking your Human Resources department, payroll department or pension provider so you can make sure everything's in order.



80%. 60%. 40%. 20% Införa My Payslip 2019-04-01. Implementera  Skäl 136 · Skäl 137 · Skäl 138 · Skäl 139 · Skäl 140 · Skäl 141 · Skäl 142 law including pensions and for health security, monitoring and alert purposes, the or paternity leaves, deduct union dues from payslips or provide special working  understiger, ålderspensions-, avgifter, understiger, ålders-.

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If you haven’t earned any of these, they won’t be on your payslip. If you’ve got a workplace pension, you’ll probably see ‘ER pension’ on your payslip. That’s the money that your employer is contribution to your pension pot. Similarly, ‘EE pension’ on your payslip is the money that you’re contributing to your pension pot from your wages. Workplace pension law 2 dagar sedan · Your employer might include additional information on your payslip which they are not required to provide, such as your: tax code; National Insurance number; pay rate (annual or hourly) additional payments, such as overtime, tips or bonuses (these must be included in your gross pay figure). Understanding your payslip. 1.

Pension Related Deduction (PRD) PRD Thresholds are as follows: Weekly Threshold Monthly Threshold Percentage 552.88 2395.83 0 1153.85 5000 10 9999999.99 9999999.99 10.5 Gross pay for PRD is gross pay less the following Bike to Work and Travel Pass

Pension Car Park VAT Car Parking 140.00 91.19 103.14 1.69 8.44 Year to date balances (This employment only) This Period Summary GROSS PAY 2930.37 14133144.17 TAXABLE PAY PENSIONABLE PAY 1516.79.65 NI LETTER D TAX PAID 300.40 TAX PERIOD 2 NON-TAXABLE PAY 0.00 If you have two pension entries on your payslip, it is likely that you had pension changes in this month’s payroll that relate to time when you were not in Salary Sacrifice for pensions. Your Salary Sacrifice for pensions entry is shown in the Payments section of the payslip as a reduction, and your non Salary Sacrifice entry is shown on the right hand side as a deduction. 2012-02-09 When is the Payslip due?

How will I see SMART savings on my payslip? Since SMART was introduced, your payslip has referred to a ‘SMART reduction’ to reflect the reduction in your contractual pay and therefore the earnings you have to pay NICs on. Network Rail pays the whole of the SMART reduction into your pension scheme as an additional employer contribution.

186. 183. 162. 140. 119. 101. 80.

Your payroll number: some companies will use a payroll number to identify people on their payroll The tax period: you may see a number that represents the tax period for that payslip - so if you are paid monthly, 01 would mean April as it’s the start of the new tax year, 02 would mean May, and so on Why does the pension deduction on my two employees payslip not tally with the 3% and 5% that should be deducted? Hello, @carol50 .
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Although participating in a Company Pension is not compulsory (yet! It does seem that's the way the governemnt is going), Company Pensions are increasingly common due to the UK Government drive to increase personal pension holdings. But IIRC, it's something like Pension 160 and Pension 320 on my payslips. I presume these are just the pension contributions.

How are they calculated? Any way around them? Thanks.
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